Wholesale Smoked Tuna Saku ( Soya - Ginger - Orange - Carrot)

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Wholesale Smoked Tuna Saku

( Soya - Ginger - Orange - Carrot)

(500g) & (1kg)

The exquisite taste of smoked Tuna, right from the ocean, to satisfy your taste buds.

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Range benefits:

1- High omega-3 fatty acids

2- Controls blood pressure

3- Useful for eye care 

4- Helps muscle growth development 

5- Helps weight loss

6- Rich with vitamin C, Zinc, Manganese and Iron 

7- Very useful for blood circulation 

8- Prevents from some types of cancer 

9- Avoid kidney disease 

10- Boost immense system 

Smoked tuna carpaccio salad.


Fins Smoked tuna

Salad leaves of your choice

Cherry tomatoes

Pine nuts


Balsamic vinegar


1-Lay out the tuna. 2-3 slices per person. Wash and slice tomatoes in half and add them on the plate.

2-Wash and spin your salad dry. Place it on top. Add a few pine nuts for crunch. In a bowl, add a spoonful or two of oil, and a splash of balsamic. Mix it up and pour over the salad :)