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Wholesale Smoked Octopus - (500g) & (1kg)

Ready for an exotic delight?

We bring you both plain and smoked Octopus, a healthy and delectable choice, available in Carpaccio cut.

Our Smoked Octopus will give your taste buds quite a ride!

Go for a different taste, surely a fresh one when you use our fresh smoked octopus to enrich your next salad

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Range benefits:

1- Treats cancer

2- Enhance formation of hemoglobin 

3- Supports muscle growth 

4- Useful hair benefits 

5- Good for Kidney aliments 

6- Maintains brain health 

7- Good source of energy 

8- Reduce stress 

9- Lowers migraine 

10- Balance blood pressure 

Step out of the ordinary with the exotic taste of our Smoked Octopus, a pleasure out of this world!