Wholesale Smoked Mackerel

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Wholesale Smoked Mackerel

( Soya - Dashi - Coriander )

(500g) & (1kg)

Luscious bite-sized pieces of Smoked Mackerel, a sophisticated touch to your table.

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Range benefits:

1- Substantial of omega-3 fatty acids

2- Contains significant amounts of vitamin B12

3- Rich in protein 

4- Contains very low levels of mercury 

5- Excellent source of selenium 

6- Improve cardio vascular health 

7- Offers 100% of the RDI for vitamin D

8- Improve cognitive function

9- Reduces triglyceride levels 

10- Very nutrient - dense food 

Get a taste of an exquisite experience!

Our Smoked Mackerel is available in Sashimi cut with Soya, Dashi and Coriander.

seafood salad has never been easier!

make a superb mushroom salad using our Smoked Mackerel.