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Seafood Health Benefits

Seafood Health Benefits 


Fish is one of the most healthiest food ever 
It loaded with selenium , omega-3, Vitamin C and much more 

Also fish can help lower from getting a heart attack 

Here is our fish range benefits 



A- Salmon

1- Rich in omega-3 fatty acids 
2- Great source of protein
3- High in B vitamins 
4- Good source of potassium 
5- Loaded with selenium 
6- Contains the antioxidant astaxanthin
7- Reduce the risk of heart disease 
8- Help weight control
9- Help fight inflammation 
10- Protect brain health


B- Shrimp


1- Good source of iodine 
2- Helps weight loss
3- Anti-aging proprieties
4- Prevents hair loss
5- Very useful for brain health 
6- Help bone health 
7- Prevents from cardio vascular disease 
8- Good source of omega 6 & 3 
9- Rich source of protein and healthy fats 
10- Astaxanthin helps strengthen arteries 


C- White Fish 


1- Keeps bones strong 
2- Vitamin B12 : Helps body to produce blood
3- Vitamin B6: Fights inflammation 
4- Vitamin B3: Immune system booster 
5- Vitamin B2: Helps the liver filter out 
6- Keeps a healthy pregnancy 
7- Help weight loss
8- Keeps you young 
9- Keep the cholesterol in check 
10- Help promote healthy brain function


D- Tuna


1- High omega-3 fatty acids
2- Controls blood pressure
3- Useful for eye care 
4- Helps muscle growth development 
5- Helps weight loss
6- Rich with vitamin C, Zinc, Manganese and Iron 
7- Very useful for blood circulation 
8- Prevents from some types of cancer 
9- Avoid kidney disease 
10- Boost immense system 


E- Octopus


1- Treats cancer
2- Enhance formation of hemoglobin 
3- Supports muscle growth 
4- Useful hair benefits 
5- Good for Kidney aliments 
6- Maintains brain health 
7- Good source of energy 
8- Reduce stress 
9- Lowers migraine 
10- Balance blood pressure 


F- Mackerel


1- Substantial of omega-3 fatty acids
2- Contains significant amounts of vitamin B12
3- Rich in protein 
4- Contains very low levels of mercury 
5- Excellent source of selenium 
6- Improve cardio vascular health 
7- Offers 100% of the RDI for vitamin D
8- Improve cognitive function
9- Reduces triglyceride levels 
10- Very nutrient - dense food 


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