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Fins | Premium Smoked Seafood

Fins brings you a new concept of seafood; top-notch smoked pieces of the most favorable gems of the sea. infused and smoked in the finest tradition of craftsmanship with special sauces inside, packed and ready to use.

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3 Salmon Flavours pack

Many Choices

If you are a big fan of smoked fish, then you’re going to love fins new addition,

Fins trio (3 different flavors of smoked salmon in one pack)

Fins mix (4 types of smoked fish on one pack)

Mix seafood pack


Salmon Croissant

Transform a shop bought croissant into something extra special with Fins smoked salmon.
Smoked salmon croissant recipe:
Croissant, cream cheese, eggs, butter, smoked salmon, dill capers and pickled onions.

Octopus Risotto

Combine the flavours of the seaside with your favorite Octopus risotto.

Smoked octopus risotto recipe:

Butter, onions, celery, fish stock, green peas, smoked octopus, salt and pepper. 

Mackerel Sandwich

Smoked Mackerel sandwich is
a Great choice for an indulgent lunch:

Brown sandwich bread, mackerel spread and smoked mackerel slices.

When it comes to popularity, Tuna fits at the top of the list.
Our Smoked Tuna is brought to you with a new approach that will give you a fresh perspective on food satisfaction.


octopus carpaccio.

Love seafood? Then you have to try our fresh smoked octopus carpaccio.

And here you find its recipe

Butter, onions, celery, fish stock, green peas, smoked octopus, salt and pepper

Poke Bowl salad

Poke bowl

If you don’t eat salmon everyday, then you might need to check your salad choices.
Poke Bowl recipe: Smoked salmon, fava beans, mango, sweet corn, red beans, avocado, peas, corn, radish, red pepper, cilantro, green peas, sesame, green onions, cherry tomatoes, garnish witty radish and coriander.

Fins | Premium Smoked Seafood